From seed to cup, coffee plays an enormous role in our daily lives and our rituals; it deeply connects us.

Coffee Stories launched as a coffee kindness movement and storytelling project hinging on a fleeting Italian tradition of the 'caffè sospeso.'  Whilst backpacking through Southeast Asia and South America (both coffee nuclei) in summer of 2015, Founder and chief-coffee-gifter Lauren undertook the concept of randomly paying forward coffees to strangers at regional coffee shops. With each gifted coffee, the receivers were asked to return a favorite memory or anecdote based on the alternating theme's published to the Coffee Stories website and social media accounts. 

The idea extended to other cities, new participants, and impacted the global coffee industry. Today anyone can spread joy, gift a coffee, and be a catalyst for the receipt of a unique story. The Coffee Stories community counts on local participation from gifters and altruism-seekers, albeit with a focus on the incredibly robust coffee roaster and coffee shop hotspots of Denver, CO. 

MISSION:  Coffee Stories was created to spread coffee kindness and promote community, to offer our on-the-go society a way to empathize with each other over common pieces -- coffee and stories. We're striving to make ordering a 'coffee stories' coffee' as ubiquitous and quotidian as ordering a coffee for yourself; to leave the coffee shop kinder, more hospitable than we found it, and to listen attentively to what others think, feel, and are moved by.

FURTHER QUESTIONS?  Read our FAQ page.  

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