Gift a coffee, unlock a story. 

Whether you are a local coffee shop regular, just passing through a city, a lover of espresso beverages, or one who holds out for special occasion coffee indulgences -- through the Coffee Stories movement there is never an inopportune moment to gift a coffee to someone else. 

How does this movement work?

A coffeehouse-goer (customer A) pays for a coffee (of their choice) and lets the barista know that this coffee will be gifted to a future client (customer B). Some coffees later, or maybe even hours after, a new customer will come in requesting their order. The barista lets customer B know that no money is needed for this coffee and offers them the printed Coffee Stories .png which was also left by customer A. 

Here's an example: 

Amy visits the Intelligentsia coffee shop in Los Angeles. It's 8:30am and she requests her latte to-go. At the register she additionally buys a coffee off the menu for someone else and leaves the Coffee Stories card with the barista -- who will pass this on to the next customer ordering the pre-purchased beverage. 

Matthew enters around 11am and asks for a drip coffee; he is informed that a fellow denizen has covered the cost, and then explained that Amy's wish was for him to 1) enjoy his coffee 2) read and react to the Coffee Stories vision of sharing stories (e.g. narratives, anecdotes, photos, poems -- creative things unique to that person that will ultimately be admired and empathized by other global citizens; later published at 

That's it folks, coffee kindness at its best!  Have more questions? Check out our FAQs page as well. 

Steps to participate: 

1) Go to your local coffee shop and along with your usual order request to buy a stranger a coffee (if you need guidance, ask them what's a popular drink at their location, e.g. mocha, cold brew)

2) Pay for this future beverage and leave a printed card with the barista (template below), or handwrite one (for a special touch!) with instructions for the coffee-stranger

3) Go about your day knowing that you've made an impact (yay!); we'll all send positive vibes that the receiver shares their story with our community.

Questions: please contact Lauren at